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Welcome to our page of hotels with pools in Madrid! Here you will find a selection of the finest accommodations in the capital that feature swimming pools for your enjoyment during your Madrid stay. Discover everything you need to know to choose the perfect option for your next vacation or weekend getaway. The refreshing experience you want to live in Madrid!

Are you looking for a hotel with a pool in Madrid? Want to head to a rooftop and take a dip while observing the city from above? Or simply enjoy a cocktail by the pool like a true urbanite? Whatever the plan may be, have a look at our incredible selection of hotels with pools in Madrid. We're not only offering the latest in comfort and amenities, but also giving you the opportunity to enjoy facilities designed for relaxation and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Take the chance to discover our selection of accommodations and book the pool hotel in Madrid that best suits your needs today. You will combine your days of sightseeing or work with relaxing and disconnecting moments. Don't wait any longer! Make your long awaited vacation in the capital a reality and experience what it's like to have an outdoor pool or a rooftop pool at a hotel in Madrid. So, if you like sunbathing and refreshing yourself in a dream pool, you are in the right place. Let the most refreshing urban adventure begin!

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Discover the pleasure of relaxing in our poolside hotels in Madrid

Madrid is a city full of life, culture, and history. That's why staying at Madrid hotels that have a pool is a great option to make the most of your Madrid stay, allowing you to take a dip and relax in a luxurious and quiet atmosphere whenever you want. Experience a different kind of summer in the capital and enjoy not only swimming pools to cool off in, but also a wide variety of facilities that will make your visit a complete experience. From comfortable rooms with king-size beds to spa services, gyms, fine dining restaurants, and communal leisure areas...our Melia accommodations have everything you need for a unique and unforgettable stay. Of course, location is a crucial factor for those seeking accommodations in Madrid. Our hotels are located in various parts of the city, from the historic center to the most modern and avant-garde areas, allowing you to be close to major tourist spots like the Prado Museum, Plaza Mayor, Retiro Park, and Gran Via, among many others. Staying at our Madrid hotels with pools not only guarantees you a quality stay in Madrid but also offers an excellent value for your money. We pride ourselves on providing our guests with warm and exceptional service, ensuring that all their needs are met at all times. Because for us, you are what matters most. Close your eyes and imagine lying on a hammock with a drink in hand completely relaxed, that's without a doubt, what awaits you at one of our Melia hotels with pools in Madrid. Stay at one of them and live the refreshing experience you've always dreamed of in the capital. We have a large selection of hotels that will cater to your preferences. Can't decide? Stay at one of our hotels with a pool in Madrid and we guarantee you a unique and unforgettable vacation whether you're a tourist or even a local enjoying a well-deserved break. Don't wait any longer and make your reservation right now to dive into the magic of Madrid with all the luxuries and amenities these exclusive accommodations offer.