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At our children's hotels, recognized as some of the best hotels for kids, you will find not only activities for kids but also services and facilities specifically designed for parents and adults. Some of the highlighted features of these family accommodations include spacious family rooms, restaurants with children's menu options, play areas, and water parks, organized activities, and an entertainment team specialized in taking care of and entertaining children. Additionally, for those parents seeking a moment of relaxation and tranquility, these hotels offer spa areas, beauty treatments, and childcare services with qualified staff. The safety and well-being of children are our top priorities, which is why our children's hotels are designed and equipped with all necessary measures to ensure a safe and hazard-free environment. Among the safety measures you will find in our facilities are protective barriers in common areas, surveillance systems, and lifeguards at pools and beaches, along with specific action protocols to respond to any eventualities. As if that was not enough, children's hotels also offer attractive leisure and cultural options for the whole family. Surrounding our accommodations, you will find everything from nature parks, theme parks, historical centers, and active tourism options for outdoor enjoyment. Besides, our accommodations have meticulous decoration and themes that immerse children in a world of fantasy and fun. A family vacation will be synonymous with fun, comfort, and safety, and we are sure you will find here the perfect place to create unforgettable memories. In short, children's hotels are the perfect option for enjoying family vacations filled with unique moments and activities specially designed for children's enjoyment. Don't miss the chance to live a truly unforgettable experience, with fun, comfort, and leisure options for the whole family. Stop hesitating and book your next vacation in the amazing children's hotels that Meliá offers.