Awaken your senses, reconnect with your inner self and find the balance of body and mind

Your peace haven in paradise

Welcome to YHI Spa, the place to reconnect with your inner self, feel good and leave stress behind. While respecting the natural beauty of the surroundings, each YHI Spa combines the most cutting-edge techniques with traditional therapies from different cultures and state-of-the-art facilities to offer you a variety of treatments and services that enticerest and relaxation. Find your spa hotel and discover the magic of YHI.

Our specialty

Water Ritual

A revitalizing experience where you can enjoy all the benefits of water.

Massages and Treatments

Restore your natural balance with a traditional massage or deep healing session.

Sustainable Experience

We use quality natural eco-friendly beauty products.


Explore the collection of rituals, performed with natural scents and textures and dedicated to healing your skin.

Unique sensations

Wellness for Cancer

A certification that allows us to accompany in a mindful way to help guests who are going through this difficult time to heal on a personal and professional level. While creating a comfortable and safe space for them to reduce their stress and find inner peace.

Signature Treatments

Years of experience and local, sustainable inspiration allow our therapists to create customized blends according to the needs of each customer. Our Meliá spa hotels are the perfect setting for a physical and spiritual retreat toward self-care.

Exclusive Ingredients

Surround yourself with exotic aromas and let your skin discover new ingredients. For you, we have the most special treatments based on natural ingredients like coffee, chocolate or sugar. A range of sensations that will wrap your skin leaving it soft and nourishing.