The revolutionary wedding by ME

The Revolutionary wedding by ME

Love and couples have gradually adapted to the modern-day individualistic society where “me” prevails versus “us”. Therefore, there are fewer weddings and more divorces. In a world where the individual and the ephemeral are the norm, getting married is a revolutionary act, an act of radical generosity. At ME we know that this is an extraordinary commitment. That is why we want you to celebrate with no limits, with creativity and in a cutting edge and exclusive way. With a ME wedding.

Wedding bundles

The intimate Affair

Treasure special moments with your nearest and dearest surrounded by an elegant, cosy and detailed environment designed just for you. Request a quote.

The Confetti Affair

Think big and go all-out in this once in a lifetime event. Ceberate in style and welcome to the biggest, most epic, party ever seen! Request a quote.

The Eco-friendly Affair

Love for each other and for nature. Our most sustainable wedding, surrounded by a sacred aura of peace and respect for the environment. Request a quote.

The Exotic Affair

A wedding for modern nomadic couples who want to treasure memories and beautiful landscapes in a utopian paradise with their guests. Request a quote.

The Beachfront Affair

The sound od the waves, the sunset, and the smell of the ocean breeze create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere for our most sensory wedding. Request a quote.

The Perfect Gift