Ride the waves with Meliá

Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Wingfoiling, SUP, Snorkelling... Cool off and chill out with the best activities in the water

Brave the winds, sail the seas and discover a fantastic underwater world

Enjoy the water, the sun and the wind in the top destinations. Water sports and endless adventures at sea to raise your adrenaline levels during your holidays. Overcome the challenges of nature as you sail or glide over the water powered only by the wind. Discover the deepest secrets of the sea and pick the aquatic activity of your choice: Surfing, Diving, Wingfoiling, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Snorkelling, Paddleboarding... There are thousands!

Discover the most refreshing destinations

Canary Islands

The magnetism of the wind. Glide over the vibrant Atlantic Ocean surrounding this spectacular volcanic island and enjoy a magical place for your favourite water sports in the Canary Islands. The warm weather at any time of year that you were looking for.

Cape Verde

Exoticism under the sun. A quiet place for rest and enjoying a thousand adventures at sea. An exuberant setting in Cape Verde with which to fall in love while enjoying activities in the water full of action and adrenaline. An archipelago that combines incredible beaches and wild nature.

Don't miss any of the water sports on offer


Wait for it to break and then ride the crest of the wave in the best destinations for surfing. Meliá offers a wide range of hotels with surfing schools where you can improve your technique while enjoying yourself.


Let the wind fill your sail and take you gliding over the sea in the best hotels for windsurfing offered by Meliá. A truly unique experience.


The kite catches the gusts of wind over the sea and pirouettes in the sky before plunging towards the waves. A whole lifestyle that Meliá can offer you with the best hotels for kitesurfing.


Spectacular views of the coast await you from the sea. Meliá hotels offer paddle surfing classes that allow you to enjoy calm waters while riding over the waves.


Put on your goggles, get your snorkel and be amazed by the spectacular seabed. Discover all its secrets and enjoy an amazing underwater world in different destinations where you can take snorkelling and diving classes.

Other activities

Meliá offers hotels with water activities that fill your holidays with fun, such as jet skis, kayaks, whale watching, flyboarding, wakeboarding, etc.