Fraud prevention

Avoid frauds and scams. Your security is our top priority.

Meliá cares about your security

We want your travel experience to be free of any surprises that might disturb your stay. That’s why at Meliá we work hard to ensure your security on our channels, in spite of new forms of crime such as cybercrime and digital fraud. We have put together a series of recommendations to prevent our customers falling victim to any type of scam.

Meliá recommends…

Do not share passwords

Meliá will never ask you to share your MeliáRewards password. To ensure stronger data security, best practises recommend changing your password regularly. You can change your password in the My Profile/Change password section of the MeliáRewards website.

Update data

It is important to keep data up to date. Adding a phone number to your MeliáRewards account guarantees greater security as all transactions can then be carried out using a double securitisation process through an SMS message.

Only trust official emails

You will receive our promotions and messages only from the following email, and All the procedures related to personal data processing are carried out through the secure email account

Safe sender

Before opening the email, it is very important to always check that the sender is an official Meliá account. Fraudulent accounts often slightly alter the domain name to resemble, omitting, repeating or swapping characters.

Report any suspicion

You will receive our promotions and messages only from the following email addresses: If you have any questions, please contact us through our customer service email at or the central switchboard or phone numbers available on our official website: If you receive any message that seems suspicious to you or does not come from any of the addresses mentioned above, please contact us and report it to:

How to avoid fraud?

Strong passwords

Use passwords that are very difficult to guess (use combinations of letters with upper and lower case, numbers and special characters) and always use different passwords in each social media site or online service you use.


Act as the owner of your data whenever you need to modify any personal or access data (e-mail, phone number or ID document)..

Devices updated

Update devices, operating systems and applications. Do not download Apps or software from unofficial sites. And remember to always use antivirus programmes.

Public networks or devices

Sign out after completing any transaction on public computers or devices. Make sure to use websites with a secure protocol or access via VPN when using a public Wi-Fi network.

Device encryption

Protect files and folders from unauthorized access on your devices using encryption. If you lose a device or it is stolen, nobody will be able to access its content.

"https://" protocol

Shop or do financial transactions only on websites that use a secure protocol and have an address that begins with "https://". Check that the image of the padlock appears in the browser bar.