Christmas markets in Munich

Visit Munich at Christmas

The Bavarian capital hosts one of the largest and most unique Christmas markets in Germany. On arrival at the airport, you will see a huge ice rink and Christmas market that gives you an immediate idea of the strong Christmas traditions which extend to every square and every corner of the city. Munich has more than ten Christmas markets in its old town and surroundings. In addition to the spectacular Marienplatz, there are other great Christmas markets such as the Manger Fair and events in the Englishscher Garten, the Isartor or Blutenburg Castle. If you want to fight off the cold, in Karlsplatz square you can warm yourself up having fun on the ice-skating rink. Enjoy the Christmas markets in Munich throughout your visit. Even the airport has places where you can buy gifts, a beautiful Christmas tree and a large ice rink between the two terminals so you can skate while you wait, surrounded by the futuristic buildings and under the impressive dome.


The central-Munich Marienplatz square hosts the most spectacular Christmas market in Munich. The market dates back to the 14th-century San Nicolás markets and has more than 150 wooden stalls with Bavarian and Alpine handicrafts such as sheepskin clothing, regional specialities such as herbal liqueurs, and a great music programme including open-air concerts with traditional instruments such as the French Horn, used to communicate in Alpine regions. You will love the traditional Christmas decorations with 2500 lights and a huge 30-metre tall Christmas tree. There is also the Krampus parade, a horrible half-goat, half-demon creature from local folklore, who helps St. Nicholas by punishing children who misbehave during Christmas.

Rindermarkt Christmas market

If you are travelling with your family, the Märchenbazar is the perfect Christmas market for kids in Munich, home to storytelling, puppets, merry-go-rounds and all kinds of attractions and shows for the little ones. Sternenplatz is the "Square of Stars", with bright stars hanging from the trees to form a kind of enchanted forest in the Rindermarkt market. The heart of the city is home to the medieval Sendlingen Tower Christmas market alongside one of the city gates and with more than 40 stands with Bavarian cuisine, international products and Christmas decorations. Other markets you must not miss included the Isartor market, the Pasing Christmas market in Schererplatz, the Blutenburg Castle market, and the bucolic scenery in the Bogenhausen Christmas Forest.

Munich Nativity Market

Very near Marienplatz, in Neuhauser Strasse, the famous Munich nativity market is probably the largest in Germany. If you set up a nativity scene at home, you should visit this market with its hand-crafted miniatures and collector's items in a wide range of different nativity scenes. Surrounded by trees and snowy Christmas trees, further away from the hustle and bustle, is the Chinesischen Turm Christmas Market, in the most famous park in Munich, the Englischer Garten. A picturesque image with a festive atmosphere and about 7000 seats around the Chinese Tower where you can take a break and savour a delicious mulled wine.

Medieval Christmas Market

The districts and streets of Munich host several peculiar Christmas markets, such as the Christmas market for artisans and artists in Munich Schwabing, a well-known district for artists. In Wittelsbacher Platz, next to Odeonplatz, the Medieval Christmas Market reflects Bavarian traditions and recreates a typical medieval atmosphere including jugglers and knights. Try some mead, the most popular drink in the Middle Ages, and also drink beer from a horn. Another surprising attraction is Pink Christmas, the LGTB-friendly Christmas market in Stephans Square, with a very festive ambience full of colour and glitter as well as shows every day.