All inclusive hotels for children

Children's amenities

We design a personalised holiday for you and your family, where the well-being of your children and the parents’ satisfaction is our priority. We also include items specifically for children including bathroom amenities among other surprises.

Family leisure

Your family’s fun and relaxation is our main objective. A host of activities for children awaits you and your family, with adapted and safe facilities for your enjoyment, such as the children's pools with slides, and special services, like our personalised Family Concierge.

Specialised menus

Enjoy a rich and varied gastronomic meal in one of our restaurants, with specialised menus adapted to the needs of the most demanding palates: children's menus, gluten-free and much more.

All inclusive destinations for children


Enjoy holidays with your loved ones in the south of Europe. An extensive and spectacular coastline of sun and sea which is home to our best all inclusive hotels for children in Spain. Peaceful rest and the best range of leisure in a country with deep-rooted cultural traditions. Find all inclusive themed hotels for children, pools with slides, waterfalls and a large number of water attractions. Savour Mediterranean gastronomy at our all inclusive hotels for children in Mallorca, Menorca, Torremolinos, Cadiz, Benidorm, the Canary Islands and Huelva. If you are looking for all inclusive hotels for children, Spain is your best option.


Be captivated by the mystique of Indonesia. An earthly paradise to discover with your family while staying in our all inclusive hotels for children in Bali. A destination where you can relax in an atmosphere of serenity and calm, characterised by eastern philosophy, while the children discover Balinese culture. The Island of Gods is home to unique attractions such as majestic temples, dense jungle and even an active volcano. The little ones will be in complete contact with nature, surrounded by coconut trees and heavenly beaches. If you are looking for an exotic getaway to an all inclusive hotel for children, Bali is the ideal destination.

Cape Verde

Discover our all inclusive hotels for children in Cape Verde with your family. A setting, located on the Atlantic coast of the African continent, where you can enjoy a comfortable stay along with your loved ones. Days of peace and quiet, where both adults and children will find relaxation and fun with all inclusive hotels with slides. Children´s pools surrounded by large landscaped areas with lush tropical vegetation, children´s attractions with bouncy castles and themed play areas. Also, you can enjoy a varied program of activities throughout the day, with water sports, shows and live performances. If you decide on all inclusive hotels for children, Cape Verde will not disappoint.


The all inclusive hotels for children in Cuba offer you a unique experience to share with your family. An island full of charm where parents and children can enjoy white sandy beaches, crystalline water and lush nature. Spectacular coral reefs, ecological reserves to explore and a large number of marine species. If you seek all inclusive plans for children, Cuba is the perfect place for adults to rest and for the little ones to enjoy. An extensive program of activities, outdoor games, entertainment and themed shows awaits, in a safe and comfortable setting.


Lose yourself in the labyrinth of narrow streets that form the medina and savour a mint tea, while the children decorate their hands with henna tattoos. Awaken your sense with colours and the aroma of spices and rest from the hustle and bustle of the market at our all inclusive hotels for children in Morocco. Travel to North Africa to enjoy your family holiday and discover the seafaring town of Saïdia, the blue pearl of the Mediterranean. If you are deciding on a place with all inclusive hotels for children, Morocco is a magnificent setting for discovering Arabic culture and its traditions.


Rest in a heavenly tropical destination while the little ones discover the legends of pirates and buccaneers at our all inclusive hotel for children in the Caribbean. Arouse your enthusiasm with a thousand and one tales of these intrepid characters on the shores of its white sandy beaches. Legendary adventures of ships and caravels crossing the seas under a pirate flag and mysterious maps that lead to the treasure chest. Enjoy your family holidays while watching a wide range of sea life such as dolphins, sharks and barracudas. If you are looking for all inclusive hotels for children, the Caribbean is your ideal destination.


Delve into the enigmatic Mayan culture during your family holidays. Discover a country of contrasts and relax at our all inclusive hotels for children in Mexico. Explore the ruins of past civilisations and explore the dazzling nature hidden in this country. The second largest coral reef in the world awaits you, along with wild mangroves and heavenly beaches bathed by the Caribbean Sea and the vastness of the Pacific. If you are still deciding on destinations with all inclusive hotels for children, Mexico will rid you of any doubts. Allow the mixture of cultures to captivate you and enjoy unique family moments.